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Purchasing a Home

Purchasing your first home? Your second? Your tenth? Whether you are buying a first home, a second home, a vacation home, or have plans to flip, I will protect your interests and make sure that you are involved in the process from start to finish.

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Purchasing an Investment Property

If you are looking to purchase or sell an investment property in Connecticut, I will work with you and your partners to ensure a smooth transaction.

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Selling Your Real Estate

If you are selling Real Estate in Connecticut, you will need a law firm to prepare your paperwork and conduct the closing on your behalf. Tom Groth represents all kinds of Real Estate sellers. Whether you are selling your home, a home that is part of a trust or estate, a rental property, an office building, or raw land, Tom Groth Law is here to help!

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    Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing your current home, selling your starter home and moving in to your first family home, buying a vacation, investment or rental property… The bottom line is that if you are spending, receiving, or borrowing 6 figures or more and you are in Connecticut, you probably want a Connecticut lawyer to review your paperwork.

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